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A Community where access to the judicial system is equally achievable for all community members.

The Clearwater Bar Foundation is raising funds to continue its 20+ years of support of Enterprise Village Law Office at Pinellas Education Foundation Stavros Institute.


Our Mission

Promote equal access to the judicial system through community outreach, education, and strategic financial investment.

The Clearwater Bar Foundation is actively engaging in community outreach and education initiatives designed to build awareness and understanding of the law, court process, and basic legal rights. Our goal is to remove barriers between people and the justice system by making sure everyone has equal access regardless of race or gender. 

Our Values

Pave the way for individuals to reach their utmost potential, and foster a culture built on support and shared accountability.

The Clearwater Bar Foundation is committed to upholding the values of integrity, justice, fairness, and equality. We believe in creating a society where everyone has access to quality legal services regardless of their income or social status. We strive to ensure that our legal system is fair and impartial for all members of our community.


Our Values

The Clearwater Bar Foundation is dedicated to providing education and resources that protect and enhance the legal system. Through its programs, initiatives, and events, the foundation strives to educate members of the legal profession about their ethical obligations, practice skills and professional responsibilities—all in an effort to improve access to justice for citizens of our community.


Through our initiatives and programs, we are working to advance equality and create a society where the legal system serves all individuals without discrimination. Together, we can make sure everyone is given equal opportunities to justice in Pinellas County.


Diversity in the legal profession helps to ensure equal access to justice and promote public confidence in the rule of law. The clearwater bar foundation actively works to promote diversity within its membership, committees, and staff. The foundation advocates for fair representation of diverse individuals within the legal profession and works to create opportunities for everyone to participate in the justice system.


Through clear communication methods, decision-making strategies, and trust-building initiatives, the Clearwater Bar Foundation works to equip individuals with the skills necessary to thrive in a legal system.


Collaboration is an essential part of achieving success in many aspects of life. It is no different for the legal and justice system, where collaboration with community stakeholders can create a more equitable and just society.

Clearwater Bar Foundation provides resources to attorneys, law students, and members of the public to protect and enhance our legal system. Through grants, scholarships, and other programs, we ensure that our legal system is strong and resilient in the face of adversity. 


Our Objectives
Increase Foundation Income

The Foundation is working to increase its income and support from donations, grants, and other sources of funding. This financial investment will allow the organization to expand its programming in order to reach more people in our community. The funds will be used to provide resources for those who need it most, such as legal representation for low-income individuals, access to court documents and proceedings, and educational materials to help empower those with limited knowledge of the law.

Increase Public Awareness

Clearwater Bar Foundation is committed to increasing public awareness and understanding of the legal system, court processes, and related topics. We do this through community outreach initiatives such as providing free seminars on legal rights, hosting in-community informational sessions, providing educational materials on key legal topics, and more.

Youth Involvement

We are also committed to investing in the next generation of leaders and legal professionals. Our youth programs provide an interactive learning environment that encourages students to become informed and engaged. We invite local high schoolers to attend our educational seminars, which cover topics such as constitutional rights, court proceedings, and various forms of legal representation. Additionally, we provide financial support for student initiatives and activities that promote civic engagement. By investing in our youth, we are helping shape the future of equal access to the judicial system.

Build Strong Relationships

We are building strong relationships with the community by hosting interactive legal seminars, workshops, and other events to inform individuals of their rights and how the court system works. We also partner with local organizations that work on behalf of marginalized communities to promote understanding of civil law. Through these initiatives, we strive to create a more equitable justice system and provide individuals with a better understanding of how to navigate the courts.

Additionally, we work closely with private attorneys, public defenders, legal aid societies, pro bono organizations, and other community-based groups to develop innovative solutions for providing legal services to those in need. We are committed to investing in projects that promote equal access to justice regardless of economic or social status. Our ultimate goal is to ensure everyone has access to the same legal opportunities and resources.


Our Accomplishments

Support of these past and current projects is made possible by generous donations from Clearwater Bar members and friends.

The Clearwater Bar Foundation is raising funds to continue its 20+ years of support of Enterprise Village Law Office at Pinellas Education Foundation Stavros Institute.

Members and friends of Clearwater Bar Foundation who donate $100 or more in support of this effort will receive a stylish lapel pin, featuring the blue, gold and white Foundation logo pictured above. Donors will be listed in Res Ipsa Loquitur, on the website, and in emails and publications. The Clearwater Bar Foundation is the charitable arm of the Clearwater Bar Association. In the past few years, the Foundation has ramped up its fundraising and project support.



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Legal Intern Program



To Enterprise Village,
Pinellas Education



To Finance Park,
Pinellas Education


To Fred G Minnis
Sr. Bar Association
Scholarship Fund


To Stetson’s Judge
Susan Schaeffer
Scholarship Fund


For Teen Court

Other Accomplishments

Support of these past and current projects is made possible by generous donations from Clearwater Bar members and friends.

  • $800+ for Law Day Poster, Essay & Speech Contest prizes
  • $1150 to Successes Unlimited Women & Youth Law Fest
  • $750+ to Criminal Justice Academy Mock Trial Team
  • Fireworks Night at Bright House Field Fundraiser
  • Cheryl Smith-Kahn Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Young Lawyers Division Holidays in January
  • Holiday Party to Benefit Local Charities
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing Project
  • Representing the Pro Bono Client Training Seminar
  • Excellence in Pro Bono Awards
  • YWCA Hispanic Center Legal Clinics
  • Ross Norton Recreation Center Legal Clinics
  • Clearwater Bar’s Living Wills Project
  • Gulfcoast Legal Services Pro Bono Efforts
  • Bay Area Legal Services Pro Bono Efforts
  • Law student scholarships to Canakaris Inn of Court
  • Law student scholarships to Barney Masterson Inn of Court
  • Hurricane & Tsunami Relief
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We are Committed to Increasing Equal Access to Justice

The Clearwater Bar Foundation is committed to increasing equal access to justice through the use of strategic financial investments. With your help, we can continue to develop projects that will provide individuals and families with meaningful understanding of the judicial system and their rights. Your generous donation allows us to make a real difference in our community. Please donate now and join us in our mission of increasing equal access to the judicial system. Thank you!